Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michael's Pregnancy vs John's Pregnancy

Before going into a blog about the changes that have been happening in our family I just wanted to quickly write up a pregnancy comparison note, mainly for my own personal records but also for family if they're curious.

Pregnancy Differences:
Sickness: Experienced a horrible gag reflex for the first and part of the second trimester
Weight gained: 27lbs (gave birth at 37 weeks)
Food cravings: first trimester I craved these little beef empanadas that I found at the Winchester Walmart when I was home visiting but sadly our Walmart didn't sell them (I craved them so bad I could practically taste them so you can imagine my dissapointment when I found out I couldn't have my craving satisfied). I also craved chili (as most of my family knows, chili and pizza where my usual lunch growing up) so I about broke down crying when I looked on the back of my favorite chili can while shopping and found that it had over 1100mg of Sodium in, which meant ... NO CHILI either!
First time feeling movement: 16 weeks
Headaches: I use to get bad tension headaches before pregnancy but while pregnant with Michael they all just miraculously disappeared :-)
Ultrasounds: Had ultrasounds done at 11 weeks, 16 weeks, and 20 weeks (when we found out the sex), and had my 37 week ultrasound scheduled to check fluid levels when my water broke (2 hours before the appointment I might add)
Birth Place: Alaska (Homer)
Labor: Natural --- 12 hours --- 3 of which were spent pushing
Problems: Michael developed a spontaneous pneumothorax and had to be life-flighted to Anchorage, AK where he spent 12 days in the NICU
Weight: 6lbs 13oz
Length: 19 inches
Time Born: 9:52pm
Date Born: April 20, 2010
Other: I had gestational diabetes

Sickness: thankfully no gag reflex
Weight gained: 33lbs (YUCK!) by 33 weeks so possibly more to follow though I sure hope not
Food cravings: I crave milk at times
First time feeling movement: 10 weeks but became a lot more noticeable by 16 weeks
Headaches: Tension headaches did not "miraculously disappear" this time but instead intensified and became migraines --- I've experienced at least 4 migraines since becoming pregnant
Ultrasounds: 24 weeks (when we found out the sex), 28 weeks (internal - to check the cervix and then she did an external 3D ultrasound so I could see our little guy, it was pretty cool) and 30 weeks (internal - to check the cervix)
Birth Place: will be Idaho (Rexburg)
Other: No gestational diabetes (Yay!) but I have a shortened cervix and have now (at 33 weeks) been placed on strict bed rest due to early signs of labor (Boo! Hiss!!!!)

Pregnancy Similarities:
Morning sickness: Slight feelings of nausea if I allowed my stomach to go completely empty otherwise nothing (only lasted for 1st trimester)
Appetite: Hungry and willing to eat TONS more than was normal for me (must have been a boy thing)
Aches & Pains: Rib pain, they both found great joy in pushing their feet as far up under my rib cage as possible, right hip pain (especially while walking)
First time daddy felt movement: 20 weeks
Other: Fatigued a lot more during the first trimester, difficulty breathing and sleeping during last trimester, horrible heartburn 6 months and on.

That about sums everything up (or at least everything that I can think of right now).

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