Sunday, May 22, 2011

North to Alaska

As of 12:15am Saturday May 14th Alaska has become our new home for the summertime (we'll be here until August 29th). Jay thankfully found another internship and since this, out of numerous others that he has applied for, been the only one to offer him an internship we didn't want to possibly miss our only opportunity so we jumped at the chance and took off once again for an Alaskan adventure. The weather has been cloudy and wet since we got here but the sun is starting to come back out and the temperature's starting to rise so we're crossing our fingers for a nice relaxing summer full of work, fishing, hunting, and spending time with family. The most recent adventure that has been undertaken was a bout of black bear hunting. Jay and his dad (along with a few other people) flew across the bay and on Friday Jay was able to bring down a bear. From what has been described it's quite a beaut standing almost 6 feet tall. The King's are starting to come in also so starting Monday we're going to start fishing in hopes of catching on of these monsters. I'll write longer, more descriptive posts of our adventures here as time goes on but for now enjoy the view that we get to look at every day outside our kitchen window ;-D.