Friday, September 11, 2009

Unexpected Surprise

Well it certainly has been an extraordinarily long time since last I posted anything new so I figured I better update before school starts getting to far underway and I get preoccupied with my studies. As many of you probably already know Jay and I are expecting. I'm really probably only about 6 weeks along, being so new and all I'm still a bit nervous that so many people knowing already, for many things can still happen to change the fact. However we're both ecstatic and so far all seems to running smoothly (a little nauseous in the morning but that's probably more me then the fact I'm pregnant, lol I never was a morning person). School has officially started and I'm so grateful that I'm only taking 12credits this semester ... it appears that 3 out of the 4 classes I'm taking are going to be fairly time consuming, especially my Anat. & Phys. class. Still no luck with finding Jay an Internship but we just found out that if he gets on the fast track (meaning he goes to school year round and takes a min. of 15credits each semester) he'd be able to determine which semester to take off and do an internship (winter, spring, or fall would all be options then not just the winter like it was originally). Since receiving this vital piece of information, we've been trying to figure out our options and get Jay on the fast track. Hopefully within the next 2 months we'll have everything worked out and underway. I need to go talk to a nursing counselor and get my semester list written up so I know which classes I have to take and which ones are not required so that I don't accidentally take a class I didn't really need. Also within another week or two I'll be setting up a doctor's appointment to see how far along I really am, make sure everything is ok, and hopefully figure out a tentative due date. Well got to go finish getting ready for work tooda loo (hmmm not sure if that's even pronounced right --- oh well).