Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rocky and now Bullwinkle?!

We've had so many interesting things happen to us since moving out here. For those who read the previous blog, y'all know that we made a fuzzy new friend last week and this week we met his partner in crime. Our little friend of last week I've decided to call Rocky due to the circumstances. Well to get to the point of this story Jay and I finally got out Idaho D.L. which meant that we could also get our fishing license. We found time today to go down to the South Fork of the Snake River for a little R&R (namely fishing). Unfortunately we didn't have to right type of bait so no bites but we had an even better encounter though... We decided to walk down to a different part of the River that wasn't so choppy and try fishing when lo and behold a young moose made an appearance from out of the trees. He just calmly walked out and starting munching on some willow branches by the shoreline just staring at us. After a few minutes he decided to take a nap and laid down only a few feet from us and dozed off in the snow. It was pretty crazy, the pictures are hard to make out since they were taken with out phone but hopefully you'll be able to see enough of this guy :-) So there you have it we met Rocky last week and now Bullwinkle this week hehe

Deciding to take a quick nap next to us

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That's A Lot of Nuts!

While out for our normal sunday stroll Jay and I had the funniest experience while walking through Porter Park. This crazy and fearless little critter came bounding out from under the trees right up to Jay and I begging for some of the food that we had (peanuts lol). This little guy would stand up on his hind legs begging, and would eat right out of our hands. It was so funny! Hope y'all enjoy the pictures that we took (thank goodness I brought my camera along for this walk) ;-)

Our Little Begger

Monday, March 9, 2009

Excited For School

I just recently got accepted to BYU-I and will be going through the Spring/Fall Track... which means that my first class starts April 20th (YIKES!). I'm excited about going back to school and finishing an education but I'm also pretty nervous (I haven't been to school in a few years and haven't been in a public environment like this since 5th grade lol). My major is Nursing (ASN) and thankfully I'll be talking to a nursing counseler this afternoon to figure out which classes would better benefit me this semester (and the semesters to come) so that I can apply for the actual nursing program faster. Wish me luck

PS: Jay will probably be starting his Construction Mangagement program during the Fall/Winter track