Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Adventure

It was a lovely sunny day outside with a nice refreshing breeze that helped to keep the hot sun from roasting us ... perfect day for a little fun and adventure. Cody and Katie came down for a few days and we all decided to travel to Yellowstone (pictures not added yet) since Katie's never been there (plus the fact that it was only an 1 1/2 hours from our house helped some on the decision). We had a nice relaxing drive, the scenery was gorgeous, and we got to see Ole' Faithful to boot. Unfortunately we didn't see very many animals on our trip (just a few buffalo and elk) but it was still fun. Afterwards, due to the lack of animals, we traveled to BearWorld a cool park that's about 12min from our house and got to FEED THE BEARS!!! It was pretty sweet. At Bearworld we saw elk, deer, buffalo, turkeys, a moose, some pretty big trout, and of course the bears plus there was a cool little petting zoo that we got to visit after our tour of the park. Hope y'all enjoy the pics
Note: Below you'll see a "rare" white elk, a pot-belly pig that would grunt everytime you pet him, and a a bull elk with a MASSIVE rack lol enjoy