Friday, May 21, 2010

Life Thus Far

I am now the proud parent of a 1 month old 9lb happy and healthy baby boy. After a rough start in the beginning of life Michael appears to have completely recovered from his ordeal and is happily guzzling 4-5oz of milk a feeding and growing like a weed (lol at least weight wise). He's a fairly easy goping child who is fairly happy and content most of the time, calms down quickly when he starts fussing, and usually sleeps 3 hours in between feedings. The cats could care less about having a new addition to the house, and usually look the other way when he's any where near them. Michael just started tummy time this week and has altready scooted himself off his mat and lifted his head a few times before he breaks down crying from frustration (he'll be a strong son buck before long). He has pretty beastly thighs and forearms, hopefully he got his daddy's strength. Life as a parent is great if not a bit tiring and Jay's job/internship is going very well and we're hoping that his boss will allow him to stay on for his 2nd and final internship so once we return back home to Idaho we can just concenrate on schooling and then make a final move to wherever Jay gets a job (instead of moving around for an internship, school, and then job). Alaska is gorgeous (you se Eagles and moose everwhere). Summer has officially set in, blue skies and 50 degree weather now with it staying light out till midnight. All in all life is pretty darn good :-)

---- Below is Michael's most recent pictures (1 month)