Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kitty Love

It's early morning and Michael is awake demanding his morning feed. I'm cold and still pretty tired so I do what I normally do if I want more sleep, go in, change his diaper, and bring him back to bed with me where he happily nurses next to me while Ilazily doze for a few extra minutes. Socrates and Bella, like usual are lounging about on different sides of the bed, completely relax and asleep. After Michael finishes his meal we both doze off for a short time, blissfully enjoying the warmth that the blankets offers us. After a short time I awake and look over at Michael when to my surprise I notice something different ... Socrates has decided to join us for a quick nap of his own. He's curled up directly behind Michael with the back of his head against the back of michael's head, completely sprawled out with both front paws drapped over Michael's side. It was pretty hillarious, Socrates puts up with Michael very well. One of those times I wished I had my camera. :-)