Monday, February 14, 2011

Date Night

This will be a short post since it's 11:30pm and I'm beat but I wanted y'all to know just how sweet my hubby was this Friday.

He kept the details of this date a secret from me for almost a month. Michael got a babysitter so that we could have an enjoyable and relaxing time together alone plus it was going to be an outside activity according to Jay so we didn't want him to get to chilled (it is still winter here ya know... mid 30s are the high as of late). Well after dropping Michael off at a friends place we drove to campus where the activity was going to first start. From there we drove about 10min until we arrived at our destination, a volunteer's farm. We got to go on a relaxing sleigh ride with a fun group of students and eat chicken alfredo cooked outside under the shelter of a large sheep herders tent, it was tons of fun, met some really nice people, and the horses were massive Percherons ... sigh* I miss being around horses, aside from our toes freezing we had a nice relaxing evening together. Okay so it doesn't sound like a very spectacular date but we had a lot of fun on it (which honestly is all that matters) plus it was nice taking a break, just the two of us. Michael was very well behaved with Torrey and had tons of fun with her (though he was pretty excited to see us when we went and picked him up) Well gotta run ta ta for now