Thursday, January 20, 2011

**WARNING** Due to the graphic nature of this post viewer discretion is advised ...

Today started out like any other day ... not enough sleep (thanks to baby growing pains), no time for breakfast, Jay rushing out the door to get to school, me wishing I could fall back asleep but the crying baby in the room next to mine begs to differ ,,, etc. etc. So around 1pm Jay comes home from school to drop off my car that we had lent to a friend of ours the previous evening. He had a buisness seminar at 2pm that he didn't want to miss so after wolfing down some homemade mac n' cheese he grabbed his backpack and headed out the door to walk the 12minutes that it takes to get to school. When he left I was in the restroom watching Michael standing up by the tub, it was about his nap time so I went out to the living room to get something (can't remember what now-oh and by the way this was probably 10 or so minutes after Jay had left) when I just happened to glance out our window and see Jay on the sidewalk by our apartment fiddling with his phone, I was like "great, he accidently dropped his phone and it's now busted bet he's really ticked right now." So to see what was up I opened our window and yelled down to see if he was okay. Imagine my shock when he yelled back that he had broken his leg ... "WHAT!!!!" I knock on our neighbors door and ask her if she could watch Michael for a few minutes for me then I rush downstairs to my fallen husband. Sure enough the moment I get close to him I can tell right away that he was right about the broken leg I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when the leg is pointing in the opposite direction that there's something not quite right. He had already called an ambulance (hence the fiddling with his phone) and about 10 or so minutes later they pull up to my now poor agonizing husband. After the ambulance takes him to the hospital I load Michael up and we both head on over there as well. To make a long story short he ended up breaking his fibia and badly dislocating his tibia and hence had to be taken into to surgery to place a metal plate into his ankle to give it the proper support once it was fully healed. It took about 3 hours before he was able to go in for surgery (2 other ankle breaks were before him ... hmmmm go figure) and now he's having to spend the night in the hospital for observation but thankfully he should be able to come home in the morning. He's doing well just very tired (thanks to the anethesia and pain meds) and of course pretty uncomfortable.

FYI: Michael is still recovering from the flu but is doing much better (despite the fact that he chose to barf all over me, the floor, and himself while we were at the hospital ... lol he acted pretty pleased with himself the little stinker).

***NOTE*** If you have a weak stomach do not look at these

Okay I had to show at least one cute picture to help make up for the others :-)