Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the road again... Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway

Yep we're still on the road and wishing it all to be over with so we can unpack and relax for once. It's been a LONG and TRYING process trying to get this move in order and we'll definitley be glad when it's all done. At this moment we're in Lawton, OK with Jay's parents spending a little bit of time with them. Tomorrow morning (early) we'll be heading down to Bloomfield, NM to spend the night at Jay's Aunts place then onward to Cedar City, UT were we'll be spending New Years (and a few days afterwards) with Jay's cousin Wes and his wife Emily. We were hoping to head straight up to Rexburg, ID as soon as New Years was over with but unfortunately our apartment wont be ready for us until Jan. 5th (sigh*)... Oh well at least we get to spend some time with family until then. Miss y'all!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving update

Due to some personal changes, Jay and I are no longer moving to Utah. More info to come as time goes on :-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Picture Day

Finally Jay and I were able to go down and visit mom and dad without having to work at all. It was a very relaxing weekend that was much needed and gratefully recieved. Our last day (Saturday) was absolutely gorgeous, couldn't have asked for a better day to spend time with mom and dad and of course take pictures. Here are some updated pictures that we took -- enjoy :-)
Beginning of our picture taking
Nickajack Lake - Chattanooga, TN
NickaJack Lake
Sawanee, TN
Sawannee, TN

Teeth check

Monday, October 20, 2008


Help to all who know how to do this blogging buisnesss... I'm seem to be having great difficulty figuring out how to create a link to a new blog page that I want to create. Can anyone give me some instructions lol I tried creating a new blog but it just didn't seem to work out.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Fun

Today was a bright, sunny, and cool fall day that was absolutely PERFECT for carving pumpkins. To set the mood we baked some fall cookies (yum yum!), went for a quick 5mi roller skating stroll, then came home and set about business carving our masterpieces. It was tons of fun, and a great way to spend a weekend. It also helped me get out of my poor mood for being called off from work yesterday and today. Anyway, tell me what you think of our creations :-)

P.S. Stay tuned for more of our masterpieces for we're planning on buying more pumpkins

Jay - John Wayne

Britt - Dragon

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Not quite but I am excited about some future activities that I'm hoping to start soon. Sewing is one of them, Jay's sister Mindy has been so gracious as to give me her sewing machine that she's not using so that we don't have to go out and spend $100s on a new one. I'm so excited to start learning how to sew, I can't wait to start! :-) Another activity is learning how to can our own fruits and vegetables I'm pretty excited about that too but I probably wont even get started on that till the summer. A few more are...
Emergency preparedness
Family History
Camping (it's been so long I'm not so sure about this one lol)
Digital scrapbooking
etc. etc. etc.

Lowering fuel costs

While Jay and I were out and about and getting ready to head to the park for a nice walk before work we drove by a gas station that caused me to do a double take. Low and behold I saw gas down to $3.19/gallon for the first time in MONTHS!!! Diesel too was in the $3.00 range. What a nice change of pace.. I was starting to get real sick having to pay those outrageous prices for diesel (For cripes sake it's the crap from gas it should be CHEAPER than gas! grrrr ... oh well at least it's finally lowered down). Well back to work

Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Ever

Introducing the new Brittany and Jay blog! Started by me, Ashley, Brittany's sister. I convinced Brittany to make a blog and keep the family and their friends updated on their many adventures. Get writing sis!