Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The dreaded day has arrived ... BED REST!!!!

I was warned of the dreaded possibility of bed rest ever since my first ultrasound at 24 weeks where it was learned that I had a shortened cervix. At 28 weeks when I went in for another ultrasound (this time internal) and it showed an even lower number than before I was cautioned that bed rest was probably going to happen. At my 30 week ultrasound (again internal) my numbers had gone back up again and I was told that for now bed rest was avoided but since I was still below average to just try and take it as easy as possible (uh sure ... I'll just tell my active 19 month old that). I had another appointment at 32 weeks (this time no ultrasound, just a regular check-up to make sure I was still measuring well and John's heart rate was still going strong etc. etc.). I really didn't want to drive to drive the 35 minutes that it took to get to Idaho Falls just for a 5 minute check-up, especially since I felt just fine and all of the other "check-ups" showed that he was doing so well. So the day before (just to make sure nothing unusual showed up) I canceled the appointment and made another one for 34 weeks. I was feeling good, no issues other than normal aches and pains of pregnancy. Then Sunday rolls around (mind you this is 5 days after the canceled appointment). I started my day out like normal but about two hours or so into the morning I started experiencing more Braxton Hicks contractions than normal (about 1 every 3-5 minutes), they weren't painful just uncomfortable and annoying since every time my stomach tightened it would push John further under my ribs. This lasted for half the day but by evening (after upping my water intake) they slacked off and where back to what they normally were. I just figured I was dehydrated and probably over did it the day before when we were out grocery shopping. Monday rolls around, my contractions are back to normal, but I was now experiencing a dull ache on my right side in my pelvic region so i tried to take it easy for the biggie. 2:30am: Experienced low back pain and menstrual like cramping in my abdomen. I was too uncomfortable to sleep and starting to get a bit worried so I ask Jay for a blessing. The blessing calms my fears with the assurance that all was well with John and that he would be born strong and healthy but also the council to contact my Physician. About 2 hours after it started the pain subsides and I was able to get a little but of rest. As soon as the clinic opened at 8 I called, explained my situation and got myself an appointment lined up for 2 hours later. 30 minutes after I was seen I'm admitted to EIRMC hospital by my doctor for observation, I was showing signs of pre-term labor. I was dilated to a 3/75% effaced with a very soft cervix. 1 IV line, a shot to stop contractions, and about 6 hours after being admitted I was finally able to go home but with "strict" bed rest instructions. So thus begins day 1 of bed rest with at least 28(or more)to go.

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