Thursday, December 29, 2011

Future delinquent?

Michael has now reached the age were he can truly entertain himself for minutes on end. No more running to mom and dad for constant attention, which means that we are now free to take a shower while he's still awake without worrying about him standing outside the shower begging to be let in. So while Jay and I were enjoying a "whine" free warm shower Michael entertained himself with his books, the most recent football game on TV, and his car set that he got for Christmas. A short time into our relaxing shower I noticed that Michael was being extra quiet. I didn't think to much of it cause I always double check to make sure all rooms that he's not allowed into are blocked off and anything that could cause grief to us or him are kept out of his reach. He remained quiet up unto the time we were getting ready to get out upon which he enters that bathroom calling for us to get out of the water. Jay dries off first and exits the bathroom where he runs into a little surprise ... apparently Michael had found his bag full of markers and figured out how to unzip it. Upon which he grabbed the black marker and preceded to color on the walls, TV, his rocking chair, a few storage containers, and even a few of my keyboard keys. When Jay confronted him he proudly said "color WALL!" "color WALL!" Hmm mm guess I'll pay better attention to what toys of his are lying around before our next shower (thankfully everything washed off easily and that he doesn't know where we keep the permanent markers).

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